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Break Free NLP and Yoga is passionate about affecting the changes you want to see in your life and we are proud to share with you some of the great feedback we have received from participants of our workshops. Please see below for some of the recent feedback we’ve received.

Read what our satisfied clients had to say about Break Free NLP and Yoga!

“I experienced NLP with Toni in Sept 2010 before embarking on a holiday over seas where I knew I would have problems with my phobia. Agoraphobia has affected my life from my early 20?s making it hard to feel comfortable at a concert, on a train, even in a super market. After only 1 session of NLP I had an amazing change immediately, feeling like a massive load was lifted off my shoulders. We also addressed some other personal issues with great success too. In Oct 2010 I was in the depth of Mexico City with the crazy crowds and chaos and I felt completely calm and relaxed, with no anxiousness at all. NLP was an amazing experience for me. Literally changed my life.”

-Rob Charlwood, Personal Trainer, Azzurra Wellness

“I have had a number of sessions of NLP with Toni. I found the sessions enabled me to identify and process a number of deep-seated issues. I had been feeling blocked in my life and NLP gave me a way to move forward and to grow in my understanding of who I am. Toni worked diligently and professionally with me on my journey of discovery and I move forward with new found awareness, witnessing subtle ongoing positive changes within myself. I recommend NLP with Toni to anyone wanting to look at making changes in their life.”

-Virginia Pidcock, Acupuncturist

“I had three sessions of NLP with Toni and got surprising and amazing results. I felt more in control and clearer after the sessions. I’d highly recommend Toni Payne as an NLP practitioner. NLP is a fast and effective technique that I have found helpful in identifying and changing behavioural responses in both myself and my patients who I refer to Toni.”

-Caterina Walsh, Chiropractor

“I completed a half day NLP course with Toni. I found Toni’s class to be really helpful in providing a framework to think about issues and also to share in a comfortable environment with a group. Toni has a wonderful ability to make everyone comfortable and give everyone a chance to have a say. I left Toni’s class with some practical tools that I still use that help me to manage my life more effectively.”

-Trudi Mitchell

“Toni has the unique ability to keep a group on track while providing a compassionate, gentle over-arching atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoy learning from Toni as she creates an environment where it’s possible for me to surrender and learn, and know I’m being taken care of. Above all Toni has a wonderful light approach that shines through with her great sense of humour. Toni has made learning and the new world of NLP fun, enjoyable and immeasurably rewarding for me. Thanks Toni!

-Fran Bruce

“Toni creates a very caring and supportive yoga environment, especially for yoga beginners like me. Her teaching style inspires, encourages & motivates me to keep learning and to tackle new challenges (both in yoga and life in general). Toni is highly perceptive and her awareness of each student’s needs and abilities means that she is able to provide individual guidance in a class setting. Toni’s yoga classes are highlights of my week.”

-Mel Overall

“Toni is clear in her communication and encouraging in classes. This and the level to which she has taken her own yoga, inspires the trust I need in a teacher.”

-Stephen Grabner

“I started yoga because of the stress load I was under at work. When I met Toni I told her I was interested in reducing my stress levels. She showed me techniques and postures which I use to this day. Thanks Toni, think I’d be in a straight jacket by now if it weren’t for your ability to listen to my needs.”

-Jo di Pietro

“I have attended Toni’s classes for almost 2 years and I really enjoy the attention to details in the poses and the variety of the program. Every class is different and adaptable to the level of energy or fitness I have on a particular day. I feel the benefits of the class for the rest of the day and even after a day or two! “

-Alessandra Warren

“As a newcomer to yoga I found Toni’s lessons combined both effort and lightness. Even as beginners I know Toni wanted us to achieve some sense of the spirit of the yoga, whose postures and gestures she exemplified with beautiful simplicity.”

-Stephen Bull